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Come with me my lonely one
Deep inside I see the lightLight it gets me trough the nightI have been thinking all my lifeCome with me my lonely oneCome where are the stars and sunCome and kiss my loving lips/Trond Aberug/ ... Les mer

The sun in the sky is so bright
The sun in the sky is so brightwhen I look into your eyesbut every day of my lifeI think thatI am running out of timeSo I want to know your heartI would love to see you aroundI want to make you feelLike you never felt before/Ukjent/ ... Les mer

Realize! How much I have done for you,don’t compromise, love me or leave me nowRealize! How much I have done for youdon’t compromise/Maria Unsberg/ ... Les mer

In the darkest night
In the darkest night, I have to fightWith my thoughts in my mindWill it be forever, or not, what I have gotis a fantasy, and no ability to speak aboutthe problemsyou had for meall this timejust your necessity to leavewith no argumentsreality depresses you with all the consequenceemotions will leave me, like oceans in flowing tide I will be strong I will keep going and let it ride ... Les mer

Just take my hand and go
There are so many placesSo many things to seeSo many different facesBut baby look at meI know the certain mountainWhere you would go uphillSo I know we start dreaming ofSome vicious dizzle feelBut if you let me lead youBecause you want to knowDo not hesitate my darlingJust take my hand and go/Olaf Augstern/ ... Les mer

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